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Labor Transportation Services 

The primary focus of Star Bus Rental Buses Transport is the labor transportation service by bus. In Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, labor bus rentals rates are available with 14-84 seater buses. For labor transportation, we have both AC and non-AC buses. Our fleet of buses includes 12 seaters, 14 seaters, and 20-22 seaters, as well as 30, 34, 60-64, and 80-84 seaters. We have buses of various makes and models, including AC and non-AC.Hire Private Buses Transport is very happy and eager to provide you with the greatest labor transport at the most competitive bus rental prices

60-66 seater bus rental

Ajman Labor Bus – Sharjah Labor Bus – Dubai Labor Bus


Labor Transport

Labor Bus Rental Rates

60 Seater Bus AC / Non-AC

Daily | 550 – 800 AED

Monthly | 4000 – 7000 AED

66 Seater Bus AC / Non-AC

Daily | 550 – 8000 AED

Monthly | 4000 – 7500 AED

80 Seater Bus AC / Non-AC

Daily | 550 – 850 AED

Monthly | 4000 – 7500 AED

84 Seater Bus AC / Non-AC

Daily | 550 – 850 AED

Monthly | 4000 – 7500 AED

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Labor Bus Transport Services – Labor Bus Rental

  • Industrial Staff Transport
  • Construction Worker Shuttle
  • Factory Worker Transport
  • Warehouse Staff Shuttle
  • Labor Camp Bus Service
  • Transport Companies in Dubai
  • Contractor Transport
  • Oil and Gas Field Transport
  • Farm Worker Transportation
  • Cleaning Crew Van Service
  • Security Staff Transport
  • Retail Staff Shuttle

Why Choose Star Bus Rental Transport to Rent a Labor Transportation?

1. Safety Labor Transport

All of our buses adhere to RTA security and safety precautions.

2. Professionalism

Our team members are knowledgeable professionals.

7. Maintained Buses

Our maintenance team keeps an eye on the condition of your fleet.

3. Save Money and time

Your time, money, and tension can be greatly reduced by using private bus transportation.

4. Flexibility in Dealing

Our drivers are adaptable and can alter their plans to avoid or get around unexpected impediments.

5. Easy and Comfort

The bus rental we provide is simple, hygienic, and more comfortable for travel.

6. Use of Technology

All of our rental buses are outfitted with the newest technology.
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80-84 Seater Labor Bus
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