Bus Rental Dubai & Sharjah, Best Passenger Transport Companies in UAE

A modern bus rental, passenger transportation, and top best bus leading company is STAR Bus Rental SHARJAH . It ranks among the largest providers of private bus transportation in bus rental Sharjah & bus rental Dubai, bus rental Ajman, bus rental Fujairah, bus rental Abu Dhabi, bus rental Umm Al Quwain, bus rental Ras Al Khaimah  and the Northern Emirates.The organization is unmatched in terms of excellent and knowledgeable rent a bus with drivers. We offer  transport services short term, long term bus shuttle services to staff & labor, site workers, schools, colleges, universities, airport transfers, hotel transfer, arrival & departure events, one day trips & tours, daily-monthly-yearly, sightseeing tours, city tours, , group travel, one-way transfer, two way transfer, charter bus, minivans, luxury buses, luxury vans, hiace van, 12- 84 seats rental, minibuses for rent, coaster & sports club tour around the UAE.

Choose 30 Seater bus rental, 84 Seater Bus Rental, 80 Seater AC Bus Rental, 35-50 Seater Luxury Bus Rental, 15 Seater Hiace for rent, 14 Seater Hiace for rent, 34 Seater Bus Rental, 50-53 Seater Bus Rental, 12 Seater passenger van Rental, 13 Seater Luxury Bus Hire, Luxury Van Rental, 20 seater Bus Hire, 22 Seater minibus For Rent, 25 Seater bus rental, 60-66 Seats Bus For Rent, 84 Seater Rental, 35-37 Seater Luxury Bus for rent with affordable rates & prices.

14 Seater Van rental Dubai



With Driver

Without Fuel

  • AED 6,000

MniBus with druver



With Driver

Without Fuel

  • AED 9,000

Luxury Bus Rental Dubai



With Driver

Without Fuel

  • AED 18,000

School Bus rental Sharjah



With Driver

Without Fuel

  • AED 9,500

Bus Rental Services

Premium Bus Rental Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Explore our premium bus rental services in Dubai & Sharjah rental companies in uae. Book now

Wide Range Of Fleets For These Transportation Needs in Uae

Bus rental Services

We offer a range of luxury vehicles for Bus Rental in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. including 10 to 15 seater Hiace, 22 to 25 seater mini-buses, 30 coaster to 34 seater  rosa buses, 35 to 37 seater luxury buses,  50 to 53 seater luxury buses and 60 to 66 Seater Labor buses to cater to various needs such as corporate transportation, city tours, business meetings, airport transfers, hotel transfers, lunch and dinner, corporate meetings, events, Tourism Transport Services, Corporate/Staff Transport Services, Sightseeing Transport Services, Airport Transfer Transport Services, School Transport Services, Event Transport Services, Party Bus Services, Special Occasion Transport Services, Healthcare Transport Services, Government Transport Services, Custom Charter Transport Services, Luxury Transport Services, Pet-Friendly Transportation, Film & Shoot Transport Services, Labour Transport Services and sports player transportation. Our aim is to satisfy all your Bus Rental needs in Dubai and other emirates.

14 Seater Van rental Dubai


Toyota Hiace in Dubai & Sharjah


TOYOTA Hiace Van rental service in Dubai & Sharjah, where we provide a dependable and cost-effective travel option for locals and tourists alike. All passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride of 10 seater luxury van to 15 Seater Hiace mini van rental fleet of TOYOTA HIACE vans.


10 to 15 Seater Hiace Mini Vans

For groups of any siZe, Star Bus Rental Dubai & Sharjah provides luxury mini vans for rent that are furnished with comfortable seats, air conditioning, and entertainment systems. During city tours, business gatherings, and other special occasions in Dubai and Sharjah, skilled drivers guarantee everyone's safety and enjoyment. There are several flexible pricing choices. Make your reservation now for a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Our 12 seater van rental dubai , 14 seater van rental dubai, 14 seater van for rent, 13 seater van rental dubai, 13 seater van for rent, are perfect for a variety of transportation requirements, from family vacations and business trips to airport transfers and city tours. The Toyota Hiace with driver 14 seater Hiace is the ideal option for transportation of parties of 4 to 14 people because to its roomy interior and flexible seating combinations.

If you wish to provide a comfortable journey for your visitors to dinner or lunch, a party, a hotel transfer, or to pick them up at the airport use 15 seater van rental. To avoid any inconveniences, our cozy van rentals in Dubai and Sharjah will help you provide the best transportation for your visitors.

Our fleet includes of buses with Hiace 13 Seater Van, Hiace 15 seater Mini Van Seater, 15 Seater Toyota Hiace Van Rental, 12 Seater Toyota Hiace Van for shprt and long distance travel. We take great care to make sure that all of our vehicles are comfortable for passengers and well-maintained. Our buses have conveniences like air conditioning, plush seats, and other features to make the ride more enjoyable.

If you wish to provide a comfortable journey for your visitors to dinner or lunch, a party, a hotel transfer, or to pick them up at the airport. To help you avoid any inconveniences, our cozy coaster will enable you to provide your guests with the greatest possible experience.

12 Seater Van Rental Dubai

12 Seater Van

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 3500 - 6500 AED

12 Seater Van Rental Dubai

13 Seater Van

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 3000 - 6500 AED

14 Seater Van rental Dubai

14 Seater Van

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 3000 - 6500 AED

15 Seater Van Rental Dubai

15 Seater Van

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 3000 - 6500 AED

30 Seater Coaster Bus

Coaster Bus

Coaster Rental In Dubai & Sharjah


For various requirements and events, we provide a variety of transportation choices. We have you covered if you require a bus for extended trips between Dubai and Sharjah, city tours, or airport transfers. Our buses with 30 seater coaster bus or 34 seater rosa  bus are ideal for gatherings of any size


20 - 30 Seater Mini Buses

The largest bus rental company in Dubai is our Coaster Rental, and we offer everything from small buses to giant buses. For small groups, families, tours, and other services like supper and lunch, as well as airport and hotel transfers, coaster bus rentals in Dubai are ideal. This minibus rental in Dubai can accommodate up to 34 people. We offer luxurious Coaster buses for rent in Dubai at extremely affordable prices.

Our fleet includes of buses with 20 - 22 seater minibus rental,  25 - 26 seater bus rental, 28 - 30 seater bus rental or 34 seater rosa bus and a coaster for long distance travel. We take great care to make sure that all of our vehicles are comfortable for passengers and well-maintained. Our buses have conveniences like air conditioning, plush seats, and other features to make the ride more enjoyable.

If you wish to provide a comfortable journey for your visitors to dinner or lunch, a party, a hotel transfer, or to pick them up at the airport then choose, 20-seater coaster minibus, 22 seater minibuses, 24 seater Toyota coaster, 28 seater coaster mini bus, 30 seater minibus coaster and 34 seater rosa minibus. To help you avoid any inconveniences, our cozy coaster will enable you to provide your guests with the greatest possible experience.

20 seater bus for rent

20 Seater Bus

Above 2015 Model

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 4500 - 8500 AED

More Details MiniBus

22 seater bus for rent

22 Seater Bus

Above 2015 Model

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 4500 - 8500 AED

More Details Coaster Bus

30 seater bus rental

30 Seater Bus

Above 2015 Model

Daily : 300 - 650 AED
Monthly : 4500 - 8500 AED

More Details Coaster Bus

Luxury Rosa Bus Hire

34 Seater Bus

Above 2015 Model

Daily : 300 - 700 AED
Monthly : 5500 - 9500 AED

More Details Rosa Bus

Luxury Bus Rental Dubai & Sharjah

Hire Luxury Bus Rental Dubai & Sharjah

Best Luxury Bus Rental Company In Dubai & Sharjah  for the best rates on rental buses. At Reasonable Prices, We Provide Luxury Bus Rental In Dubai For City Tours, Staff, Airport Transfers, Events & Exbitions .

  • King Long Bus
  • Yutong Luxury Bus
  • Higer Luxury Bus
  • Sunwin Luxury Bus 


35 to 53 Seater Luxury Buses

Being one of the best companies for luxury bus rentals in the United Arab Emirates, as well as bus hire in Dubai and Sharjah. The preferred mode of transportation for luxury buses is 35 seater luxury bus, 50 Seater Luxury Bus,53 Seater Yutong Luxury Bus,52 Seater King Long Bus, 51 Seater Sunwin Bus, 50 Seater Higer Bus, 50 Seater King Long School Bus, 35 Seater Sunwin Bus, 50 Seater King Long Bus, 35 Seater King Long Bus, 35 Seater Higer Bus and 50 seater luxury buses for VIP guests arriving and departing from airports, business meetings, dinner and lunch, sport players, airport arrival and departure, hotel to hotel, and hotel events is the luxury bus include 35 seater luxury bus, 37 seater luxury tour bus, 45 seater luxury coach, 47 seater VIP coach, 50 seater VIP Bus, 51 seater Luxury Coaches and 53 seater VIP coach.

  • Exhibitions, weddings, and player transportation
  • Airport transfers, sightseeing, city tours of Dubai, and tours of Sharjah
  • Travel in safety and comfort, with pickup and delivery at your location
  • There was driver assistance as well as soft drinks and mineral water available.
  • Facilities for storing bags and moist/dry tissues
  • Competitive pricing for parties up to 42–47 people, including the driver
  • Skilled drivers that put your safety and comfort first for a hassle-free journey.
Luxury Bus Rental Dubai

35 Seater LUXURY BUS

Daily : 850 - 900 AED
Monthly : 10,000 - 12,500 AED

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Luxury Bus Rental Dubai

50 Seater LUXURY BUS

Daily : 1000 - 1100 AED
Monthly : 10,000 - 18,000 AED

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Bus Rental In Dubai

Affordable Bus Rental in Sharjah – Our Other Services

Arrival & Departure

Airport to Hotel Transfer

We provide bus rental services in Dubai with a driver, fuel, and Salik for guests, VIPs, staff, and sports players. Our service covers transportation between hotels, airports, and venues, including international airports within the UAE. Choose from minibuses to luxury buses based on your requirements.

Hotel Transport

Hotel transfer

Rent a bus in Dubai with driver, fuel, and Salik included. Our services cater to airport transfers, VIPs, staff, sports teams, families, and friends. Our fleet ranges from small to luxury buses. Reliable transportation to and from all international airports in the UAE.

Events Transportation

Events Transportation

We offer bus rental services in Dubai for events, weddings, and sports transportation. Our fleet transfers guests and sports players to their destination. Book small or big buses for your team ride. We provide from small cars to big luxury buses on the requirements.

On Demand Bus Rental Service

22 Seater MiniBus

24/7 availability for your transportation needs. Contact us for breakdowns or emergencies, and we'll provide a bus from our fleet. Book your private bus with driver for one or multiple days with ease. Provide Bus rental for city tour.

School Bus Rental

School Bus rental Sharjah

We provide school bus rental and transportation services in dubai & for schools, colleges, universities, institutes, are here to provide safe and comfortable journeys for your educational adventures.

Staff & Labor Transport

Labor Transport

Transportation is a crucial aspect of any business or organization, especially when it comes to staff and labor transportation . We can provide labour transport services that best match your requirements.

Bus Rental Dubai & Sharjah


Star Bus Rental Transport is one of the biggest and the most reliable company for bus hire in the UAE. We are striving to meet your bus rental requirements as per your expectations or even more. We specialize the following types of activities and services for your kind consideration.

Dubai Tourism

Discover Enchanting Dubai Tourism: A Luxurious Journey Awaits You

Daily Bus Rental Services for City Tours

Bus rental Dubai with driver

City Tours & Shopping Tours

Dubai to Abu Dhabi  Bus Tour

Abu Dhabi to Dubai Tour By Bus

Dubai to Al Ain Bus Trip

Al Ain to Dubai Tour by Luxury buses

Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Dubai to Sharjah Bus Tour

Sharjah to Dubai Bus Tour

Long Term Bus Rental

Long Term Bus Rental / Lease

Office Staff Transportation By Bus, Hospital Staff Transport Service, Site Workers & Technician Transport, Security Personal Transport By Bus, Construction Labor Transport, Passengers Transport Service, Staff  Bus Transport Service for long term bus rental services

Short Term Bus Rental

Short Term Bus Lease

Daily Bus Program, Weekly Bus Hiring, Bus Rental on Monthly Basis

Hotel Transfer

Hospitality & Airports

Hotel to Hotel Transfer by bus, Transfer from Hotel to City, Hotel to Airport Transport Services, Airport to Hotel Transfer, Hotel Staff Transport, Hotel Guest Transport bus shuttle services/

Party Bus Rental

Party on Wheels: Bus Rental in Dubai

Wedding Party Bus, Birthday Party Bus Hire, Party Bus for Anniversary, New Year Celebration Events Buses Transfer rental Dubai

Sports Bus Rental


Sports tours and excursions are planned in accordance with client preferences. With 35 and 50 seat luxury buses, we provide sports tours. Contractor for Sharjah Sports Complex and Dubai Sports City is STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC. In addition to this, we also send buses to Khorfakkan, Al Ain, and even Abu Dhabi sports venues like Sheikh Zayed Stadium for IPL, PSL, and other international sporting events. Sports tours offer a fantastic opportunity for networking in addition to the chance to see renowned sports stars in action.

Since 2018 our business has been offering Sports Tour Packages and has served a sizable clientele. Our crew of experienced, trained, and motivated drivers has a wealth of experience traveling throughout the UAE. They are highly familiar with all the routes and can transport you without incident to your destination. To ensure the security, comfort, and safety of our passengers, all of our vehicles undergo routine maintenance and servicing.

Our sports trips are meticulously planned and coordinated to ensure that everything proceeds as planned. Additionally, we offer prompt pick-up and delivery services from the area you specify. Therefore, STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC is the only company you need to consider if you're searching for a trustworthy Sports Tour Package supplier in Dubai. To reserve your sports tour package, contact us

Educational Tours Bus Rental

University students can learn more about their chosen subject of study through study trips, and Star Bus Rental Dubai is pleased to be the go-to bus rental company for these excursions. Study excursions are organized in accordance with the curriculum and take students to new locations, historical landmarks, and significant locations. Our drivers are skilled and informed, and our buses are roomy and comfortable.

More than 25 colleges across the nation already trust us, and we look forward to continuing to offer study tours in Dubai. Khorfakkan, Sharjah Culture trip, Al Ain Culture and Field Study, Abu Dhabi Baraka Power Plant, Sir Baniyas Island, RAK Museum, Dubai Old City, Dubai EXPO, Sharjah Expo, Dubai Aluminum, MBR Solar Power Plant, Hatta Dam, Madam Desert, etc. are some of our primary study trip destinations. We appreciate that you picked STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC.


Summer Camp Tours


Summer camps are held over the summer break to give students in schools and universities extracurricular activities. These institutions, colleges, and universities can rent buses from us at very reasonable prices. The camp's amenities and gear are brand-new, state-of-the-art, and compliant with all current safety regulations. All of the cars receive routine maintenance, and the drivers are qualified, experienced individuals.

Our staff is available to assist you with any inquiries you may have and to make sure that your time at summer camp is joyful and memorable. To learn more about our bus rental services for summer camps, get in touch with us right away. Summer programs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain are among our exclusive offerings.

Are you wanting to rent a school bus for a field trip or educational tour that is safe, pleasant, and fully insured? We have worked with numerous colleges, institutions, and schools in Dubai and Sharjah to provide them with buses and skilled drivers for their day trips and field trips.
We have a large selection of fully insured fleets with seat belts and professional drivers, making us the finest option for your school day trip transportation.

Sports & Other Events

Event Bus Rental for Any Occasion

Bus rental services like  Football Stadium Transportation, Bus Rental for birthday parties, Cricket Stadium Transportation Services, Motor City Transportation Services, Formula One Transport Services, Dubai World Trade Center Transportation by Bus, ADNOC Events Transportation by bus, Cultural Events Transportation by bus, Dubai Dance Festival Transportation Services, Global Village Transportation By Bus, Bus rental Dubai with small luxury buses

Schools & Students Bus Rental Services

School Transportation

Bus rental services like School Transportation Services by bus, Students Transportation Services, Private Transportation Services for School Students, University, Colleges & Institutes Transportation, Students pick up and drop off services by bus, School Staff Transport

Dubai Shopping Trips

Ultimate Dubai Shopping Spree

Dubai Mall Tour by Bus, Bus Rental from Dubai to Abu Dhbai, Emirates Mall Shopping Tour ,Dubai Marina Mall Trip by bus, Old Souk Shopping Tour, Spices Market Tour, Meena Bazar Tour by bus, Bus for rent in Dubai

Other City Tours

Sharjah City Tours, RAK City Tours, Umm AL Quwain Tour by Bus, UAQ Water Park Tour, Maiha Trip by Bus, Bus rentals Dubai, Dibba Tours from Dubai and Sharjah, Khorfakkan Tour by Luxury Buses, Fujairah Tour By Bus, Fujairah to Dubai Bus Trip, RAK to Dubai Bus Tour, Dubai to Hatta Bus rental, Hatta to Dubai Tour by Bus, Ruwais Trip by Bus, Kalba Trip by luxury bus,  Dubai Tours, Abu dhabi tours, Sharjah Tours, Ajman Tours, Fujairah Tours, Emirates tours, Big bus tours, Desert safari tours bus transfer, City Sightseeing Tours, Arabian night tours, Adventure Tours

Al Dhaid Tour By bus

Bus Rental Dubai Services
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Low-cost daily and weekly private bus rental services in Dubai with drivers.

Do you require trustworthy and welcoming bus rental Dubai services? Look no farther than our highly regarded passenger transportation & the top Dubai bus rental company, which thousands of tourists, families, and organizations rely on.

We provide a variety of vehicle options to meet your demands as the top provider of passenger transportation and bus rental in Dubai, including vans with a seating capacity of 12 to 14 people, minibuses with a capacity of 15 to 30 passengers, and luxurious buses and coaches with a seating capacity of 33 to 50 seater luxury bus rental dubai.

For short trips, lengthy journeys, daily and weekly rentals, as well as equipped with expert drivers, our vehicles are readily available around-the-clock. Our contemporary, meticulously kept charter buses, minibuses, and luxury buses are the ideal option for your customers' ground transportation needs whether you are organizing an excursion, meeting, city tour, wedding, event, conference, or any other form of group travel.

Our fleets are outfitted with a variety of amenities to optimize your enjoyment, and our knowledgeable chauffeurs will assure your safety and comfort during your journey.

Flexible booking options, affordable prices, and specialized transportation options for groups of any size are available in Dubai

For any size of group travelers, family, and tourist needs, Star Passengers Transport & Bus Rental Dubai offers flexible bus hire booking options and affordable bus rental rates. We are here to meet all of your travel needs in the UAE, whether you require a one-time bus hire, full-day bus hiring, weekly bus with driver hire, or a long-term transportation solution.

Personalized Transportation Options to Meet Your Needs

To accommodate your unique trip needs, we offer rent additional large and small vehicles, like mini buses, vans, and coaches, in addition to our superior luxury bus rental Dubai with driver services. This enables us to offer a customized transportation solution for every occasion while accommodating a wide range of party sizes and spending levels.

Professional Drivers, Well-Maintained Vehicles, and Amenities for a Comfortable & Smooth Ride in Dubai

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel, our contemporary, meticulously kept charter buses, micro buses, and luxury coaches are outfitted with a variety of facilities, including comfortable seating, air conditioning, and audio-visual systems.

We have the ideal cars to fit your needs, whether you need a small van for a group of coworkers, a bigger luxury bus or coach for a family trip, or a minibus for wedding or tourist transportation.

Dubai's All-in-One Transportation Provider: Party Bus Rental, Bus Rental, and More

We provide a variety of other transportation services in addition to bus rentals in Dubai, such as shuttle services, party bus rentals in Dubai, and charter bus rentals, enabling us to serve a variety of customers and serve as a one-stop shop for all your transportation requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, and other UAE states.

You can rely on us to take care of all your transportation needs in Dubai, including airport transfers, hotel transfers, corporate transportation, events and wedding transfers, local Dubai city transportation, retail transportation, sports player transportation, and sightseeing tours.

We take great pride in being a reputable and dependable bus rental business in Dubai that caters to both locals and visitors.

Bus Rentals in Dubai Professionally Planned and Coordinated for a Smooth Journey. Outstanding Customer Support and Vast Local Knowledge

In order to arrange and organize your transportation requirements, our Dubai bus rental booking experts will work with you. We are committed to offering great customer service. To ensure a smooth and stress-free journey, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate car, creating a route, and making any necessary arrangements.

The prominent locations Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Deira Dubai, Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Island, JLT, JBR, Al Nahda, Al Barsha, and Sheik Zayed Road are all places our team of experienced drivers is familiar with.

Additionally, they are familiar with other UAE cities like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Hatta, and Al Ain.

Our drivers can suggest attractions, restaurants, and other sites of interest in addition to their knowledge of the neighborhood.

Wide Range of Vehicles in Dubai to Meet Your Transportation Needs

To satisfy the various transportation requirements of our clients, we at Star Bus Rental Dubai provide a large fleet of vehicles.

Our fleet of vehicles includes the stylish and roomy 12-seat Hiace minivans, the roomy 14- and 15-seat Toyota High roof vans, the dependable 25- and 30-seat Coaster minibuses, the fashionable 32-seat Rosa mini buses, the contemporary 33- and 35-seat Youtang luxurious buses, and the opulent 35-seat buses.

We also offer roomy 53-seat luxury buses and 50-seat coaches suitable for longer trips or larger groups. To ensure comfort, our vehicles are well-kept and furnished with modern conveniences.

Dubai Minibus Rental

With Our Hassle-Free Minibus Rental in Dubai, You Can Save Time and Money

Are you looking for guest or meeting transportation in Dubai? Are you organizing a special outing with your loved ones in Dubai? Our minibus rental service in Dubai is the ideal option for moving your small group or family in luxury and style.

Imagine the happiness and memories you'll make as you journey together and take in this energetic city's sights and noises. Our up-to-date, roomy minibuses can carry parties of 14 to 25 people, and our qualified, experienced drivers will take care of all the transportation logistics so you can unwind.

With the help of our versatile and adaptable minibus rental packages, you can design a special journey that satisfies your schedule, spending limit, and requirements.Don't pass up this chance to spend quality time with your family or friends in the UAE and make lifelong memories.For a fun and stress-free journey, use our minibus rental with driver service.

We Provide Bus Transportation Services

For daily and weekly transportation requirements in Dubai and other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, we provide rental services for luxury buses, minivans, coaches, and small buses with expert drivers.

As well as more compact vehicles including 14-seat high-roof minibuses, 12-seat Hiace minivans, and 10-seat vans, our collection also includes luxurious alternatives with 50-seat buses, 35-seat buses, 34-seat Rosa buses, 30-seat Coasters, and 25-seat buses. For all of your weekly or daily transportation

Shuttle Bus Services


A shuttle bus or van is a vehicle that travels frequently between two or more sites while transporting passengers. After a specific amount of time, the excursions are repeated based on the arrival of the passengers. Airports, metro stations, bus stops, malls, office buildings, and college campuses are the primary locations where shuttle buses are used. Shuttle bus and shuttle van services are currently offered by STAR Bus Rental SHARJAH LLC in a number of projects, including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Mall, Universities, and several major businesses in Dubai and Sharjah. For shuttle bus services, a 14 seat Toyota Hiace, a 20 seater to 30 seater Toyota Coaster bus, or a 35 seater luxury coach  to 50 Seater tourist busare acceptable.

Sightseeing Tours Bus rental


The most fascinating bus trip is the one that takes you on a sightseeing tour of Dubai, where you can take in the incredible panoramic beauty of the city and quickly learn about its extraordinary transportation and infrastructure system. Our unique clients have been interested in the bus-based Dubai sightseeing trip for the past few years. The Dubai sightseeing tour by bus will satisfy all of your demands. It is a pleasant mode of transportation that will make it easy for you to move around Dubai, and you can explore the city at your own leisure without worrying about using the wrong bus or getting lost.

A bus tour of Dubai is a great way to explore the city's attractions without having to pay a lot for a cab or a private tour. Additionally, you are free to board and exit the bus as much as you choose, allowing you to learn more about each attraction if you so choose. The greatest way to see Dubai in a short amount of time is on a bus sightseeing tour, which is ideal for first-time tourists who want to get a feel for the city. All of Dubai's top sights, including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach, and much more, are included in the tour. So why not take advantage of this wonderful chance to experience Dubai in all its splendor? Schedule your sightseeing tour in Dubai today!

Transportation for Sightseeing and City Tours: We offer transportation for sightseeing and city tours in all of the UAE's cities. Our drivers can assist you in making the most of your vacation because they are aware with the nearby sites.

Events Transportation


For your excursions in Dubai and other UAE locations, we offer luxurious buses and coaches as a bus rental company in Dubai. Our services go beyond merely giving you a reliable mode of transportation; we also ensure that your excursion or event is a complete success.

To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that you have an excellent experience, we have a team of EXPERTS who will be with you at every step of the way. Please get in touch with us if you are organizing an EXCURSIONS OR EVENT and need to rent a bus in Dubai. We will be pleased to help you further.

Transport for events and weddings: To make sure that everyone arrives at events safely and on time, we provide transportation services. You may concentrate on having a good time at the party while our drivers handle the practicalities of transportation.

You can order any size of wedding transport bus through WhatsApp or by calling from any state in the United Arab Emirates at affordable rates because we have dedicated fleets for wedding & events transportation services. after booking

Your guests' transportation is taken care of by us as we have your wedding bus or event bus reserved. All we need is a coordinator from your side or a schedule so that the drivers can guide the guests in accordance with the timetable you supply.




Find out about STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC's efficient and privately run Sharjah to Dubai and Dubai to Sharjah bus services. We provide a variety of cheap transportation solutions for your needs, ranging from elegant 50-53 person buses to 14-seater vans starting at AED 400 one trip. Count on our knowledgeable staff to guide you in making the best decision. Get in touch with us right away to experience safe and affordable travel between Sharjah and Dubai!


Our 20-30 seater coaster bus and 35-50 seater luxury buses provide your distinguished visitors roomy and pleasant travel alternatives. Experience the ease and luxury for yourself. Our Sharjah to AJMAN Bus or AJMAN to Sharjah Bus services are authorized by Sharjah SRTA and guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable journey that is catered to your group's transportation requirements.


Experience hassle-free and affordable bus rental services from Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah bus for rent. With our dependable transportation options, you may travel conveniently and safely while avoiding the hazards and legal difficulties that come with using personal vehicles.


Sharjah to Abu Dhbai Bus Transfer for rent


Sharjah to Fujairah Bus for rent


Sharjah to Umm Al Quwain Bus for rent


Make sure you have the right permits to avoid fines for hassle-free bus rentals from Dubai to RAK or from RAK to Dubai. Luxury buses with a driver, gasoline, insurance, and permits are available from STAR Bus Rental in Sharjah. Your trip will be easy and convenient with prices starting at AED 1200 for a 35-seater and AED 1400 for a 50 or 53-seater.


Utilize our opulent Dubai to Hatta bus rental services to discover the natural beauty of Hatta in the United Arab Emirates. Our spacious buses and qualified drivers guarantee a wonderful journey from Hatta Dam to Hatta Archeological City. Today, reserve your Hatta tour and benefit from STAR Bus Rental Dubai's convenience.


Discover Khorfakkan's allure with its stunning beaches, interesting historical landmarks, and delectable Emirati food. To see the sites in Khorfakkan, look into hassle-free bus rentals from Dubai or Sharjah with affordable choices for 35 or 50-seater luxury buses.


With affordable rates all year long, STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC provides dependable bus rental services from Dubai to Fujairah and vice versa. They have a solid reputation in the field and offer buses of different capacities, ensuring smooth transportation for any group size. Convenient drop-off and pick-up alternatives between Fujairah and Dubai are among the additional services offered. Discover outstanding bus rental services in Fujairah that rival those in Khorfakkan.


We specialize in offering top-notch personnel transport services around the UAE, including in Dubai. In light of the rising cost of gasoline, our buses, which have seating capacities ranging from 10 to 60, serve businesses such as workplaces, school staff, hospital staff, universities, Employees Shuttle Service, Corporate Staff Transport, Employee Bus Transport, Company Van Service, Staff Commute Solutions, Workforce Transportation, Employee Carpooling , Office Bus Services, Business Park Shuttle, Workplace Mobility , Industrial Staff Transport and Pick and Drop Service Dubai


In Dubai and around the UAE, STAR Bus Rental Dubai LLC provides dependable and practical Staff Transport services. We serve businesses and organizations by offering hassle-free bus rental and hire services through our nationwide network of branches. To discover more about our effective Staff Transport solutions for your workers, contact us now.


New  type school buses with cutting-edge security features are available for hassle-free and reasonably priced school bus rental services in Dubai Ajman, RAK, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Fuajriah from the industry's top school bus provider, STAR Bus Rental Dubai. Our yellow school buses provide a safe and enjoyable transportation experience for your kids to sporting events, school picnics Regular School Bus, Activity Bus, Sports Team Bus, Camp Bus, Educational Tours Bus, College Campus Shuttle, Corporate Events Bus, VIP Events Bus, Seniors’ Group Bus, Party Bus and Summer Camp Bus


With our dependable and comfortable buses for labor 60 Seater Bus AC, 66 Seater Bus AC, 66 Seater Bus non AC, 80 Seater Bus AC, 84 Seater Bus AC and 84 Seater Bus non AC. We provide efficient labor transportation from camps to job locations. Get a free quote immediately for your bus rental needs, and put your trust in our superior 24/7 services.

We provide bus rental services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah for labor staff transportation in Industrial Staff Transport, Construction Worker Shuttle , Factory Worker Transport, Warehouse Staff Shuttle, Labor Camp Bus Service, Contractor Transport, Oil and Gas Field Transport, Farm Worker Transportation, Cleaning Crew Van Service , Security Staff Transport, Retail Staff Shuttle, Transport Companies in Dubai

Airport Transfer

Airport Transfers Services : We can arrange transportation to or from the airport, depending on your needs. Our drivers will monitor the status of your flight and change the pick-up time if necessary.

Dubai Airport Transfer: You will receive VIP-level treatment at DXB airports and all UAE airports when you book Dubai Airport Transfer Services with us, ensuring a comfortable and seamless travel. You can benefit from a private airport pick-up and drop-off with our amazing and stress-free travel experience; never be concerned about being late to your destination in Dubai or any other UAE state.
Connect with us right away to discover more about our services and DXB airport to hotel transfer costs for all business travelers, families, vacationers, and tourists who want to enjoy a comfortable private transport at the congested airport in Dubai.

Instead of spending your vacation waiting in line for the metro or airport shuttle buses, we want you to spend it making memories.

All airports in the UAE are served by us!

Forget the hassles and the crowded DXB airport. Our courteous driver guides you to your reserved vehicle while taking care to assist you with your bags.
No need to worry if you are unfamiliar with Dubai or are new to it. Once you pass through the airport checks, our experienced driver helps you with directions on how to reach the exit door and meet him, which makes the trip more pleasant.

The name of the group leader contact person, the mob number, the flight information, the arrival and departure dates, and the name of the reserved hotel are all important information. Let us handle your transportation to and from the airport; our team of committed, experienced airport transfer drivers will make sure your trip is hassle-free.

Allow us to assist you in making your travels to the airports in DXB, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi simple and stress-free.

Our experienced driver will keep watching your flight online and wait till you exit the airport once you order your airport transfer bus with us and give us the flight information so we can handle the rest.

Our Happy Clients!

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Jason Martin
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Barbara Smith
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Mark Sommers




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