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Take advantage of Star Bus Rental Transport for your greatest city trips. A country house may be able to give you a complete package that includes the fascinating great things about Dubai, the allure and allure of the capital, the historical element of Sharjah, the classical modern blend of all Northern Emirates, and the green and wild fantastic things about Al Ain.

You can visit the United Arab Emirates and discover our services there, which will direct you to a certain area of the country. We offer you guided tours, desert excursions, visits to famous sites, and much more.

Dubai City Tour Bus Rental

The tour may begin at your hotel, the airport, or another location. The following could be part of the journey.Depending on your time and itinerary schedule, you can select any of the following attractions. The Atlantis, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Miracle Garden, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Beach, The Atlantis, IMG World, Global Village, and Festival City are just a few of the world’s most famous attractions.
In addition to these worthwhile destinations, you also require a special lunch or a fiery dinner. We have the chance to introduce you to one of the best restaurant chains offering Chinese, Italian, Pakistani, Indian, and Arabic cuisine. You will be guided to one of your options by our knowledgeable and professional driver.

Dubai Shopping Tour by Bus

It is impossible to separate a Dubai tour from Dubai shopping. Visit Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and the Gold Souk of Dubai, the three biggest retail centers on earth.With the exception of them, you have a wide range of options for shopping venues. Let’s go shopping for traditional goods at Spice Market, Meena Bazar, Dragon Mart, Dubai Outlet Mall, Midriff Middle, and Old Markets. Your traveling companion will be our bus.

Dubai / Sharjah to Al Ain Tour

One of the most alluring states in the UAE is Al-Ain.It is renowned for its lush surroundings, cleanliness, biodiversity, and stunning Hafeet Mountain.There is Green Mubazzara and grass-covered artificial hills.Al Jahili Forte, the wildlife zoo, and the recent springs.

Dubai / Sharjah to Abu Dhabi Tour

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi.It is the biggest city in the UAE. We provide 10-hour city trips in the nation’s capital by bus, departing either from Sharjah or Dubai.You can see the Emirates Palace, the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, the Louvre Museum, Ferrari World, The Grand Mosque, and Yas Marina Circuit.

Dubai to Sharjah Tour

The third-largest and most ancient state in the United Arab Emirates is Sharjah. We offer bus tours from Fujairah to Sharjah, the national capital to Sharjah, and Dubai to Sharjah. The Sharjah Buhaira Corniche, King Faisal Mosque, Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah Cultural Buildings, Book Round About, and other locations are among the stops on the Sharjah tour.

Dubai to RAK Tour

At the most northernmost point of the UAE sits Ras Al Khaimah.This is one of the most stunning locations in the Northern Emirates.Beautiful beaches, eye-catching islands, enormous mountains, including the stunning Jebel Jais mountain, and golden deserts may all be found in the same emirate. We visited RAK city, Jebel Jais, and occasionally Marjan Island on our bus trip of RAK.

Dubai to Hatta Tour

Hatta is located close to the UAE’s eastern border.About 130 kilometers separate it from Dubai.It is well known for having traditional infrastructure. Hatta is a part of Dubai’s emirates. The Hatta Museum, Hatta Dam, and Hatta Hills Park are all worth visiting.

Dubai to Dibba Tour

Dibba Fujairah, Dibba Sharjah, and Dibba Oman tours are all included in our bus tour of Dibba. Dibba Tour also includes a trip to the Old Masjid and a stop at the stunning Dibba beach at the same time. Dibba is located about 135 kilometers from Sharjah and 145 kilometers from Dubai.It is situated on the portion of Oman that touches the Oman Sea.

Bus TypeMode of HiringLocationTo & From BackRates
50 Luxury TransportWith Driver & FuelDubai/SharjahDibbaAED 1200
35 Seater CoasterWith Driver & FuelDubai/SharjahDibbaAED 1000
Sharjah to Dibba Tour Packages / Dubai to Dibba Tour Packages

Dubai / Sharjah to Fujairah Tour

The Oman Sea is where Fujairah, Kalba, and Khorfakkan are situated. These are all seaside cities that receive thousands of visitors each month. Beautiful beaches are renowned in Fujairah. Using a large luxury bus can make your trip to Fujairah full of fun.A typical Fujairah journey from Dubai to Fujairah and back takes 8 to 10 hours. About 145 kilometers separate the emirate of Fujairah from Dubai and 130 kilometers separate it from Sharjah.

Sharjah to Khorfakkan Tour

Even though they are separated by about 140 KM, Khorfakkan may be a part of Sharjah. A lovely seaside park and a few historical sites can be found in Khorfakkan. Our bus tours to Khorfakkan are frequently available from Sharjah and Dubai.

Dubai City Tour /Rent a Bus in Dubai

A city tour is a daily or twice-day tour of the UAE’s most significant states. Bus hire SBRT With its opulent and first-rate vehicles, Passenger Transport offers Dubai city tours. These buses transport people between Dubai and the capital of the United Arab Emirates as well as on city tours of Dubai.
There are various bus models available for a tour of Dubai. The buses pick you up from your specified location, your home or a hotel, and take you on a tour of Dubai and the national capital every day or to all the fun and intriguing places there.

Al-Ain Bus Tour by Bus

Al Ain is located 130 kilometers from Dubai and almost the same distance from the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Rent a Star Bus The option of home pick is provided by passenger transportation. We always have access to top-notch buses and other forms of transportation.We give you access to a sizable number of passenger seats.There are 12 seaters, 15 seaters, and 20-seat HiAces available.We offer our services to cater to larger groups, such as college field excursions or event services. Alternatively, fleets have 50-seat luxury buses and 35-seat luxury buses. Our fully stocked vehicles are modern and up to date, with all the amenities you could possibly need.

Sharjah Bus Tour by Bus

Do you want to visit Sharjah but lack the time? We invite you to join us at some indeterminate moment in the future to experience Sharjah’s loveliness. Our goal is to provide you with opulent, first-rate buses at a reasonable price. Sharjah demands your visit because it has so many interesting places to see.
Rent a Star Bus One well-known rental transportation company in the UAE may be Passenger Transport Company. We will offer amazing pricing for transportation to any or all tourist attractions. There are numerous well-known tourist destinations in Sharjah. We’ll show you how to take full use of your Sharjah City Tour.

Bus TypeMode of HiringLocationTo & From BackRates
50 Luxury TransportWith Driver & FuelSharjahCity TourAED 1200
35 Seater CoasterWith Driver & FuelSharjahCity TourAED 1000
Sharjah to Dibba Tour Packages / Dubai to Dibba Tour Packages

RAK Bus Tour By Bus

The bus ride from Dubai to Ras Al-Khaimah could take two hours. The finest alternative for an unforgettable trip to RAK is Star Bus rental Transport. At a fair price, we’ll offer first-rate, opulent buses with all the necessary amenities.We can help you visit RAK and experience the most amazing days of your life. RAK Tours will depart from either Dubai, Sharjah, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, or RAK itself and will return to the same location.

The best rental transportation service in the UAE is Star Bus Rental Transport Company. We will offer amazing pricing for transportation to any or all tourist attractions. There are numerous well-known historical tourist attractions in RAK. We’ll show you how to make the most of your time on our RAK City Tour and have the best experience of your life, one you’ll never forget.

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