30 Seater Bus


30 Seater Toyota Coaster Minibus

Get the Best deal today on 30 Seater Coaster Bus Rental in Dubai – Coaster Bus Rental in Dubai, Low daily rates. Rent the 30-seater bus in Dubai to enjoy a comfortable trip throughout. The 30-seater bus is an excellent choice if you travel with your friends or family. You can hire buses for family trips, weddings, picnics, excursions, corporate events, and trips with your colleagues, or college friends. When travelling in a group, one of the most important things is your journey. With the help of our 30-seat Toyota Coaster minibus hire in Dubai, explore all the tourist attractions. Use our first-rate minibuses to see all the stunning and amazing locations in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

AED5,000 - 10,000Monthly

30 Seater Bus

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30 SEATER COASTER MINI BUS RENTAL IN DUBAI Rental options include pickups, buses, and vans. Everything you need to meet your demands for passenger travel is here. We offer rental cars with and without a driver and fuel, as well as with a driver but without fuel. Rental choices for our vans, buses, and pickups include daily, monthly, and yearly periods.

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30 Seater Coaster Mini Bus Rental in Dubai 

We have Toyota coaster minibuses with 30 seats in our fleet that are ideal for comfortable and convenient travel around Dubai’s breathtaking scenery. Whether you want to travel in groups with friends and family or on business or academic excursions, we offer the right cars for you. Select a fully equipped, cozy, and high-quality Toyota coaster minibus hire to either create new memories or revisit old ones. With our extensive inventory of fantastic cars, we promise an absolutely amazing ride.


Details & Rentals for Toyota Coaster 30-Seater Minibus

Used For Airport Transfer, Sight Seeing, Labor Transport, Tourism, Staff Transport, Hotel Transfer
Max & Min Capacity
28-30 Seats
Luggage Capacity
13-15 Normal bags
Type of Insurance
Full & Comprehensive Insurance
Fuel Type
Daily Rent
750 AED Same State with Driver and Fuel (Max Hours 10)
800 AED Another State with Driver and Fuel (Max Hours 10)
Monthly Rent
10,000 AED With Driver and Fuel (Saliks are not Included)
7,500 AED With Driver but Without Fuel (Saliks are not Included)
  • Enjoy the captivating beauty of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates by renting our 30-seat Toyota coaster bus for a daily same-state rental. This bus can accommodate up to 30 passengers and provides enough room for 22 people to sit comfortably. It can also accommodate up to 15 bags in terms of luggage. For a reasonable price of AED 750, you may plan an interesting yet comfortable trip with a maximum usage time of 10 hours.
  • With our 30-seat Toyota coaster bus, which is available for daily rentals in another state, explore every tourist trap in the Emirates. It offers the highest level of comfort and has a spacious interior that can hold 22 people and 15 baggage. Take advantage of up to 10 hours of travel for a cheap price of AED 800.
  • With a maximum seating capacity of 30, our Daily Another State Rent monthly package will provide you access to interstate experiences. Take advantage of limitless travel for AED 10,000 per month, which includes fuel and a driver, within a 10-hour daily limit. Take advantage of a monthly mileage cap of 5000 km and add extra miles at AED 2.00 per km to prolong your travels. The main goal of our Coaster Bus package is to offer elegance and comfort in one location. Note that toll costs are not reimbursed.
  • With a trained driver, our Coaster Bus, which guarantees easy daily trips, can be rented on a monthly basis (fuel not included). This package, which costs AED 7,500, allows unlimited travel with a daily limit of 10 hours. Savor more after the appointed hour for AED 20 each hour. Note that toll costs are not reimbursed.
  • Select “Monthly Rent (Bus Without Driver Without Fuel)” if you can fit up to 15 people in it (14 is best). Enjoy the flexibility at a rate of AED 5,000, with a generous limit of 6,000 kilometers. Please note that this bundle does not include Salik/Toll payments, permits, or fines.
  • Please visit our dedicated price page to view cost information for airport transfers, one-way transfers, and two-way transfers.
  • Note that all prices do not include the 5% VAT. To gain a more thorough comprehension, please examine our Terms & Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to hire for a maximum of 10 hours each day.

Our cancellation and modification procedures for reservations are updated. For more specific information, see our terms and policies or get in touch with our customer support department.

Yes, by visiting our website, you can book a 30-seater Toyota coaster bus online. For an easy booking procedure, you can also get in touch with our customer service.

Fifteen suitcase bags can fit inside our Coaster Mini Bus.

Absolutely, you are able to add more hours for AED 20 per hour.

No, the Salik/Toll fees are not covered.

The Toyota coaster bus is available for hire for both intrastate and interstate travel.

Monthly rentals are valid for 26 days per month.