Bus Rental Ajman

Bus Rental Ajman– UAE

Bus rental Ajman or Ajman bus rental offers low rates for buses and vans inside Ajman. Additionally, buses from Ajman to Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah are offered by bus rental Ajman. With the most recent selection of buses and vans in all shapes and sizes, Star Bus Rental is eager to assist you. Recent changes to bus licenses and penalties were made by Ajman Transport, also known as Transport Ajman. To issue permits, your bus firm or rental bus service needs to have an account with Transport Ajman. Starting at AED 1450 and going up to AED 3000 for six months, bus and driver are included in the permits.Our newest service offering, Ajman Bus Rental, can be accessed online or through email, Whatsapp, or phone calls. Ajman bus rental services of all kinds can be scheduled outside of Ajman. All 7 of the state of emirates in the UAE are home to our company. We are here to help you every single day of the week and will always do our best to meet your needs. A wide Each of the seven Emirates’ states is serviced by a variety of vehicles owned by our organization. Rent a bus in Ajman. Despite the fact that the RTA makes it difficult to rent out buses simply, we nevertheless provide our services with RTA approval. This refers to the fact that your skilled bus rental service provider is ready to assist you.

Bus Rental Ajman

Why pick bus rentals in AJMAN ?

The most practical and economical option for group travel is bus hire in Ajman. Whether you’re organizing a business function, a school excursion, or a sizable family reunion, renting a bus in Ajman can spare you the bother of arranging numerous vehicles and drivers. Additionally, you can be confident in the superior service and security you will receive from Star Bus Rental Sharjah. We offer customized pick-up and delivery services for hotels in the thriving Ajman hospitality industry. Our top goal is taking care of visitors and making sure they can easily travel between their hotels and the city’s attractions.

Ajman Bus Rental Rates

In Ajman, renting a bus involves a lot of paperwork from the bus rental operator, including the submission of a trade license, a copy of the driver’s passport, a copy of their labor card, a copy of their Emirates ID, and other documents. Bus rentals in Ajman are also available on a monthly basis. A 12-seater bus starts at AED 5500/- per month, but a 23 to 30-seat coaster bus may cost AED 7500. Due to the costly permits, Ajman charges a little bit more for bus rentals than Sharjah. Every year, bus rental firms must renew their insurance coverage and their permits, which are both required by law.

Affordable Bus rental rates services described can be use inside Ajman or outside the Ajman according to the bookings of the customers. Bus hire companies in Ajman Bus Rental rates are different from Bus Rental in Dubai / Sharjah.

Inside Ajman to Ajman 


Outside Ajman To Other States

10-12 seater Van Rental – (AED 550-650)
12-10 seater Hiace VAN – (AED 600-800)
14-15 seater Hiace VAN – (AED 550-650)
15-14 seater Hiace VAN – (AED 550-650)
22-30 seater Coaster MiniBus – (AED 650-750)
30-22 seater Coaster MiniBus – (AED 700-900)
26-34 Seater Mitsubishi Rosa Bus – (AED 650-750)
34-26 Seater Mitsubishi Rosa Bus – (AED 700-900)
35-37 Seater Luxury MiniBus – (AED 750-850)
37-35 Seater Luxury MiniBus – (AED 1000-1400)
53-50 Luxury Bus Rental – (AED 900-1200)
50-53 Luxury Bus Rental –(AED 1000-1600)
60 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-800)
60 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-1000)
67-66 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-800)
67-66 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-1000)
67-66 Seater Bus Non AC – (AED 600-700)
67-66 Seater Bus Non AC – (AED 600-900)
80 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-800)
80 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-1000)
84 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-800)
84 Seater Bus AC – (AED 600-1000)
84 Seater Bus Non AC – (AED 600-700)
84 Seater Bus Non AC – (AED 600-900)
Transfer to any emirates except Abu Dhabi


Star Bus Rental Sharjah offers Bus rentals in Ajman

Bus rentals in Ajman are a great option for large groups traveling to the area. It is a wise solution for all types of organizations since it provides ease, flexibility, safety, and eco-friendliness. Additionally, you can count on excellent service and a wonderful journey when using Star Bus Rental Sharjah. Why then wait? Contact Bus Rental Sharjah to reserve a bus in Ras Al Khaimah and let us handle all of your travel requirements.

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